Private/Semi-Private Skating Lessons

private/semi private skating lessons

Private lessons are designed to improve skills at any level and enhance your skating experience.

World Ice Arena employs two tiers of coaches, Senior Staff and Junior Staff and both tiers are available for private (one skater/one coach) or semi-private lessons (two skaters/one coach).

Senior Staff Coaches are always available for private or semi-private lessons. They can take place on our General Skating or Freestyle sessions (this will depend upon your skating level and the skills you want to work on).

To arrange for a private lesson with a Senior Coach, please complete our Private Lesson Request Form. This form is submitted to our Skating Director who will connect you with a member of our Senior coaching staff. You should expect a response within 72 hours of your request.

Junior Staff Coaches are also available for lessons, but these lessons must be arranged with the Skating Director and are introductory lessons only.

Junior Staff Coaches are only permitted to teach maximum of three lessons with any student, paid for and tracked at the Main Office.

When you come to the rink for your lesson, we will ask for your name, your coach’s name and the number of lessons you’ve taken.

After the third lesson, you will be given the opportunity to continue your private lessons with a member of our Senior Coaching staff. Please consult with the Skating Director for assistance.

A few things to note:

· Admission and skate rental are not included in the cost of the lesson, which must be paid upon rink entry.

· All coaches are independent contractors. The agreement and schedule of lessons is between a skater and coach.

· Private lessons are typically 30-minutes in length. Additional time must be arranged with your coach.

· Snowplow Sam 1-4, Basic Skills 1-6, Fast Track Adult 1-6 are taught during public sessions or Coffee Club (for skaters 18 years of age and above).

· Freestyle 1 and above are taught during any freestyle session.

Client Expectations:

· Coaching fees are paid directly to your coach and are due at the time of the lesson.

· No more than two skaters are permitted in any lesson.

· Know your coaches’ fees, scheduling, and cancellation policies.

· Provide your coach at least 24 hours’ notice for private lesson cancellations, or full price may be charged.

· Lessons will not be extended due to lateness.

· World Ice Arena is not responsible for rescheduling any lessons.

· All admissions to the rink are nonrefundable. No credits, refunds or rescheduling. No exceptions.

Questions? Need more information? Contact the Skating School at or call 718-760-9001 ext.7002